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Create a strategic project

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Future Mobility aims to contribute to new or strengthened innovation collaborations between Sweden and the United States within sustainable mobility. 

On this site, you can learn how to apply for a strategic project with co-funding from Future Mobility. 

You can also access the application guide via a PDF document, here: 

What is a strategic project? 

 A strategic project
  • contributes to creating disruptive sustainable mobility solutions and
  • boosts research and innovation collaboration between the United States and Sweden.


Three focus areas have been selected and the project must contribute to at least one of them:


public and private mobility solutions to move people and goods


transport using electricity and/or hydrogen as the energy carrier

Connected & automated

transport solutions that is safer and more efficient

A guide on how to apply for projects
  1.  Contact Future Mobility

    We're happy to assist you with matchmaking and other types of support. When critical ingredients for a collaborative project are in place, you will be invited to prepare a project pitch, using a Future Mobility template.

  2. Project pitch to the Future Mobility management team (Vinnova and Lindholmen Science Park)

    Ten minutes presentation plus questions and answers. 

    Depending on the outcome of the pitch, you will be asked to either:
    (1) continue with the preparation of a complete application, or 
    (2) revise the proposal for a second pitch, or 
    (3) look for other types of funding for the proposed activities.

  3. Complete the application using a standard Vinnova format

    Five pages project description plus some tables with budget data to complete. Please carefully consider the evaluation criteria when you prepare the application. When you consider the application complete, you share it with the Future Mobility management team for review and feedback. When no more revisions are needed, you will be asked to submit the application in Vinnova’s system.

  4. Review of the application

    Vinnova organizes the final assessment of the application in relation to the evaluation criteria.

  5. Project start

Further requirements for a co-funded strategic project

A strategic project must:

  1. Include actors in both the United States and Sweden
  2. Include at least one commercial actor or an actor representing a potential user​
  3. Be co-funded by at least 50% of the total budget by the applicants
  4. Require maximum SEK 500,000 in co-funding from Vinnova
  5. Be carried out within one year from the date of approval.

Apply for a strategic project

Start the application process by contacting the program management team directly or filling out the form below. 

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Hans Pohl

Future Mobility
Program Director
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Jan Hellåker

Future Mobility
Project Manager United States
Describe your project idea, where you are, what you need help with, what requirements you have already checked and what requirements you may need assistance with, e.g. find a partner in Sweden or the US.