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Our offer for actors in Sweden

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Collaboration with the United States can deliver innovations that would not be possible to obtain otherwise.

Future Mobility can support you with matchmaking as well as funding new bilateral collaborations.

Silicon valley

The United States leads the development in many fields related to sustainable mobility. Based on ambitious targets to reduce dangerous emissions and mitigate greenhouse gases, the country is a trendsetter on many topics and modes of transportation. With its vast geographic spread, progressive universities and organizations many epicenters of innovations and firms with cutting-edge solutions are emergingAn innovative cluster is Silicon Valley in California. Here you can find a sincere interest to collaborate.

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The American part of Future Mobility is based in Silicon Valley to be a part of this dynamic innovation system and utilize the Nordic network there. Future Mobility also explores opportunities beyond California and has ongoing exchanges with several other locations. Basically, we offer two types of support to actors in Sweden interested in advancing collaboration within sustainable mobility with the United States:

  • Forming promising partnerships
  • Funding of new bilateral collaborations

Do you need funding for new collaborations?

Future Mobility welcomes proposals encompassing innovation collaborations within sustainable mobility. To apply for innovation funding you have to be at least two actors, one in Sweden and one in the United States. Vinnova handles the application process, read more and apply on the website!

Given Future Mobility’s position in the innovation system, we have a strong and growing network with innovative actors within the industry, academia and other organizations in the United States.

If you want to team up with an organization to jointly work with research and innovation, we can help you find a partner. We are also happy to discuss other aspects relating to a (potential) collaboration.

If you have a collaboration idea but lack the resources to develop it, we can help you find funding. We can propose relevant funding schemes in both countries, and we also handle a specific program for applications at Future Mobility.

Future Mobility defines sustainable mobility as activities enabling the movement of people and goods that are efficient, healthy and climate neutral, as well as accessible to all.

 Do you want to learn more about how you can collaborate with leading actors in the US?

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Hans Pohl

Future Mobility
Program manager