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AI Aware

In the AI Aware project series, a collaborative cloud approach has been researched to enable increased awareness of vehicles. The recent AI Aware project used the radical developments that have emerged in the fields of artificial intelligence, sensor technology, data fusion and connectivity, to set the foundation for a new level of connected and collaborative system safety

The road from inside a digital car

Previous work from the AI Aware project will be continued and extended by additional use cases with a potential to increase sustainability and safety in the traffic system.

The project will expand and further improve the current Accident Risk Alert function and explore new services for sustainable and safer traffic, like the Smart Energy Prediction and Safe Speed Information services.

AI algorithms will be applied in a Californian and US context, while also exploring and using data from Californian and US organizations and companies.

The dual site approach Gothenburg-California will enable testing the concepts and technologies in two very different environments with different preconditions as regards weather disturbances, traffic management, sensor penetration and connected vehicles. Collaborating between traffic authorities, traffic management providers, map and location data providers and OEMs gives the increased level of predictive awareness.

What’s the value for the US and Swedish partners (individually and/or together)? 

The Swedish team who have led the development of this idea from its inception will get access to new data sources and additional competence in machine learning and data processing. 

UC Berkeley and UC Davis welcome the AI Aware project as it will benefit the faculties applied research. The US-based company Rekor finds new potential business venues and partners for their comprehensive set of sensors and machine learning technology throughout major cities. 

How did Future Mobility support the development of the project?

DriveSweden supported the application, however, being a national initiative it lacked the vision and mission to engage with international partners. Here, Future Mobility provided a bridge between the Swedish setting and by requiring a solid value for US partners they helped to motivate this exciting step.


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Take part of the results from AI AWARE via the recorded version of the Final Conference

How can data be used to fuel accident risk estimation algorithms? Can digital safe speed recommendations replace existing speed limits? What policy differences exist when exploring data from the...

Project manager: Johan Amoruso-Wennerby

Parties: VolvoCars, Carmenta, Zenseact, RISE, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Rekor, Drive Sweden

Period: 2022 to 2023

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Jan Hellåker

Future Mobility
Project Manager United States
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