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Harvesting Road Data with Connected, Electric School Buses

School bus is driving on a street

The Future Mobility-funded strategic project, Harvesting Road Data with Connected, Electric School Buses brings together Univrses from Sweden and Highland Fleets from the USA in a collaborative effort to utilize advanced AI-based sensor technology on electric school buses. The project aims to gather real-time data on road conditions, traffic patterns, and safety hazards. 

Highland Fleets' electric school buses will be equipped with Univrses' 3DAI™ City system, transforming them into mobile data harvesters. This technology will enable the buses to monitor traffic conditions, assess road infrastructure, and identify safety risks in real time. By doing so, the project facilitates informed decision-making for public authorities, fleet owners, and other stakeholders, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. 

Strategic Collaboration: This project marks the first collaboration between Univrses, a Swedish leader in road management solutions, and Highland Fleets, a prominent figure in sustainable mobility from the USA. The partnership aims to explore new applications and business opportunities in the mobility sector, showcasing the potential of connected vehicles equipped with AI-supported sensors to drive innovations in sustainable transportation. 

School bus is driving on a street

Key objectives include: 

  • Proactively managing road conditions through regular updates. 
  • Automating data collection and asset management processes. 
  • Reducing reliance on manual inspections, leading to significant cost and time savings. 
  • Prioritizing resources effectively based on real-time data insights. 
  • Sharing best practices and insights through educational webinars. 


The project anticipates substantial impact, with previous deployments of 3DAI™ City technology demonstrating potential cost savings and operational efficiencies. Scaling this technology across the extensive US highway network could yield annual savings of nearly $40 million, underscoring its financial and operational benefits. 

Future Prospects: Over a 12-month period, the project will expand beyond data gathering to adapt the 3DAI™ City system for additional safety features relevant to school children and critical road assets. This comprehensive approach aims to foster a more sustainable and efficient transportation ecosystem, enhancing safety measures, reducing emissions, and optimizing resource allocation. 

Project Manager: Alfred Lindberg, Business Development Manager, Univrses 

Parties: Univrses (Sweden), Highland Fleets (USA) 

Period: 12 months 

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