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What we offer actors in the United States

Sustainble truck delivers container from a train
Bus drivers through sunny fields

Collaborate with Sweden to develop new knowledge and innovative solutions. 

Future Mobility can help you establish promising partnerships with relevant actors in Sweden within sustainable mobility. We offer networking possibilities as well as funding for new bilateral collaborations.

Sustainble truck delivers container from a train

Why Sweden?

The Swedish innovation system is characterized by openness and collaboration between actors in the industry, academia and other organizations. There are several truly novel innovation projects, not least relating to the electrification of heavy vehicles. The public transport system is also well-established and quickly becoming more sustainable.

Fly photo taken of Lindholmen Science Park

Future Mobility is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park, an organization involved in many of the larger initiatives related to sustainable mobility. Its headquarters is in Gothenburg, the heart of the automotive industry with offices in several other parts of Sweden. Lindholmen Science Park is very well connected to the Swedish and European mobility innovation systems.

We offer two types of support to actors in the United States interested in collaborations within sustainable mobility with Sweden:

  • Forming promising partnerships

  • Funding new bilateral collaborations

If you have a collaborative idea but lack the resources to develop it, we can assist you in finding funding. We can propose relevant funding schemes in both countries, and we also have a specific program for applications to Future Mobility. The applicant must be a Swedish organization, but it is possible to use the funding for activities by actors in the United States.  

We define sustainable mobility as activities enabling the movement of people and goods that are efficient, healthy, climate neutral and accessible to all.

 Do you want to learn more about how you can collaborate with leading actors in Sweden?

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Anders Dalén

Future Mobility
Project manager US office