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Funding Innovation Collaborations within Sustainable Mobility

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Enhancing Sustainable Mobility Collaboration between Sweden and the USA - Apply for Future Mobility Funding by September 20th, 14:00 CET.

In a dedicated effort to propel sustainable mobility innovation, Future Mobility invites you to seize the opportunity for funding. Our mission is to catalyze research and innovation collaborations between the US and Sweden, with a focus on advancing sustainable solutions for the future of mobility.

An electric truck is driving over a bridge in the archipelago in west Sweden

Future Mobility, a neutral innovation platform facilitated by Sweden's Innovation Agency, Vinnova, and Lindholmen Science Park, serves as a catalyst for dynamic collaborations in the realm of sustainable mobility. With dedicated resources in both countries, our initiative is geared towards streamlining cooperation and fueling innovation that drives the evolution of sustainable transportation.

The call is open and closes on September 20th, 2023, at 14:00 CET.

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“We believe that by investing in partnerships and knowledge exchange, we can unlock transformative solutions that will shape the landscape of transportation. This funding isn't just about financial support; it's about catalyzing a movement toward greener, more efficient mobility options. We're excited to see how these initiatives will empower innovators to turn their ideas into impactful realities, collaboratively advancing our shared vision for a sustainable tomorrow."

- Hans Pohl, Program Manager, Future Mobility.

What can you apply for?

We welcome proposals for smaller-scale innovation, testing, or demonstration projects that prioritize bilateral cooperation, all contributing to the advancement of sustainable mobility solutions. Projects should span a maximum period of 18 months.

Who can apply?

Actors in the mobility and transport sector. The project must have at least one party in Sweden and one in the USA. The project coordinator must have a place of business in Sweden.

Funding Details:

Projects may receive funding of up to SEK 1 million per project.

Application Process:

Read more about the application process and apply via Vinnova’s website down below. 

Questions or Assistance:

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance during the application process, our team is here to support you. Reach out to us via the following contact details:

Man smiling into the camera

Hans Pohl

Future Mobility
Program Director
Man in suit smiling in to the camera, standing in a tree alley

Jan Hellåker

Future Mobility
Project Manager United States