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Johan Löfvenholm appointed new CEO of Lindholmen Science Park

The board of Lindholmen Science Park AB has appointed Johan Löfvenholm as the new CEO of the company. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, he will begin his new role in August...
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New tool to support data-driven decision in street planning

A Future Mobility project enables the creation of more sustainable and livable streets
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US-Sweden collaboration for zero emission trucks

Exchange for more BETs is a Future Mobility-funded project and collaborative effort between Sweden and the United States. The project goal is to have actors in Sweden and the United States share...
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Future Mobility at Bifrost Summit 2024

In the beginning of March 2024, Nordic and US decision-makers gathered in Silicon Valley to discuss innovation and collaboration at Bifrost Summit 2024. This third annual summit focused on AI and...
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Swedish and US researchers collaborate to advance transport justice

In the pursuit of sustainable mobility and equal access to transportation, researchers are exploring the concept of spatial justice, which seeks to ensure fair distribution and accessibility of...
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Future Mobility on Bifrost Summit Week

Bifrost is a week-long event, bridging the Nordics and Silicon Valley to spark innovations for environmental sustainability. From March 4-8, 2024, it offers a packed schedule with a major conference...
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Registration is now open for the 2024 US Autotech Program

Now in its 3rd year, the US Autotech Program, a collaboration between Business Sweden, Vinnova, Drive Sweden, and Future Mobility, continues to support Swedish companies in accelerating their US...
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Future Mobility welcomes Jan Hellåker to the program

He joins Future Mobility with a specific focus on the US to identify and foment opportunities for bilateral collaboration in sustainable mobility.
Illustration of house with solar panels and a car on the drive way which is connected to the power

Polestar aims to transform electric vehicles into mobile power plants

In the Future Mobility-funded innovation project, Polestar, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the California Energy Commission are developing a roadmap towards the use of electric vehicles...
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Successful knowledge exchange between Sweden and the USA to strengthen sustainable mobility

Sweden and California, renowned for their innovation cultures, have collaborated in the Sweden California CoLab project to share experiences, promote sustainable mobility, and reduce emissions from...
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San Jose, California, embraces zero emission neighborhoods with innovative Swedish collaboration

Key to this project is the close collaboration with Future Mobility, a neutral innovation platform facilitated by Sweden's Innovation Agency, Vinnova, and Lindholmen Science Park.
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Take part of the results from AI AWARE via the recorded version of the Final Conference

How can data be used to fuel accident risk estimation algorithms? Can digital safe speed recommendations replace existing speed limits? What policy differences exist when exploring data from the...
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Funding opportunity: we welcome proposals encompassing innovation within sustainable mobility

Future Mobility welcomes proposals encompassing innovation collaborations between Sweden and the US within sustainable mobility. In this offer, we want to promote partnership, collaboration and...
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Take part of results from AI Aware Scale UP

How can data be used to fuel accident risk estimation algorithms? Can digital safe speed recommendations replace existing speed limits? What differences in policy are there when exploring data from...
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Accelerating Sustainable Mobility Innovation: A Collaborative Opportunity

We stand at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability, where the need for transformative solutions has never been more pressing. Future Mobility is driven by its commitment to catalyze...
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Four mobility innovation projects receive financing through Future Mobility

Future Mobility, the neutral innovation platform facilitated by Sweden's Innovation Agency, Vinnova, and Lindholmen Science Park, has granted funding to four projects focused on sustainable mobility.
An electric truck is driving over a bridge in the archipelago in west Sweden

Funding Innovation Collaborations within Sustainable Mobility

Enhancing Sustainable Mobility Collaboration between Sweden and the USA - Apply for Future Mobility Funding by September 20th, 14:00 CET. In a dedicated effort to propel sustainable mobility...
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Seattle impressed by “the Nordic countries' astonishing ability to lead innovation”

Future Mobility just participated in the Nordic Innovation Summit 2023, presented by the Washington State Department of Commerce. This event brought together visionaries, trailblazers, and leaders...
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Webinar: Learn how you can finance sustainable bilateral mobility projects with the US

Interested in starting a research and innovation collaboration with partners in the USA in sustainable mobility? If so, this webinar may be valuable to you.
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Investment in innovation collaborations within mobility between Sweden and the USA

Vinnova and Lindholmen Science Park invest in increased collaboration between Sweden and the US to accelerate innovation in sustainable mobility. The Future Mobility initiative will stimulate...
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Call for proposals: Open

We welcome proposals addressing research and innovation within sustainable mobility in collaborative projects.
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Future Mobility at Bifrost Summit

Future Mobility is a partner of Bifrost Summit 2023 and organizes one side event “Navigating Complex Change in Transport and Mobility”!