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Accelerating Sustainable Mobility Innovation: A Collaborative Opportunity

Thursday, October 12, 2023

We stand at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability, where the need for transformative solutions has never been more pressing. Future Mobility is driven by its commitment to catalyze innovation in sustainable mobility. Listen to the key figures explaining your opportunities within Future Mobility in a new video.

Listen to Hans Pohl, Program Manager for Future Mobility, Anders Dalén, Change Agent, Future Mobility and Jessica Standford, Chairperson, Future Mobility discuss the vision and mission of Future Mobility, driving sustainable innovation in mobility.

The Future Mobility Initiative, a partnership between Lindholmen Science Park and Vinnova, was born in 2022 with a clear mission - to foster research and innovation collaborations between Sweden and the USA.

With dedicated resources strategically placed in Stockholm and Silicon Valley, Future Mobility acts as the bridge connecting the innovation ecosystems of both nations. We're here to break down barriers and make collaboration not just possible but seamless.

Are you an actor in Sweden or the USA with a vision for sustainable mobility? Our platform provides a pathway to translate your ideas into impactful projects. We offer advice, help you find the right partners, and provide financial support to selected bilateral projects via our financing program.


Forming promising partnerships: If you're looking to build impactful collaborations but need guidance and connections, Future Mobility is here to help. We excel at matchmaking, connecting experts and organizations in the USA with their Swedish counterparts. Whether you're an American innovator or a Swedish organization, our goal is to bring like-minded partners together. Interested? Get in touch with us. 


Funding new bilateral collaborations: If you have a collaborative idea but lack the resources to develop it, we can assist you in finding funding. We can propose relevant funding schemes in both countries, and we also have a specific program for applications to Future Mobility. The applicant must be a Swedish organization and it is possible to use the funding also for activities by actors in the United States.


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"We believe that by investing in partnerships and knowledge exchange, we can unlock transformative solutions that will shape the landscape of transportation. Future Mobility functions as a catalyzer for a movement toward greener, more efficient mobility options. We're excited to see how our initiatives will empower innovators to turn their ideas into impactful realities, collaboratively advancing our shared vision for a sustainable tomorrow."

– Hans Pohl, Program Manager, Future Mobility.

In Silicon Valley, Anders Dalén, Project Manager at Future Mobility, is the catalyst for innovation collaborations. He bridges the gap between American researchers, financiers, companies, startups, and their Swedish counterparts, fostering a global network of innovation.

Your ideas, your expertise, and your commitment to sustainable mobility are the driving force behind our shared vision. Join us in this journey towards a greener and more efficient future by directly contacting us or by applying to our funding.

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Man smiling into the camera

Hans Pohl

Future Mobility
Program manager
Man smiling in a green environment

Anders Dalén

Future Mobility
Project manager US office
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