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Carbon free zone for transportation of goods in San José

Picture of urban logistical transportation vehicles

San José has set an objective of becoming a climate-neutral city by the year 2030. Today, the two largest emissions are from transportation at 50 percent and buildings at 30 percent. To reach the goals, the city has set up 9 different work streams. One of these is "emission-free transportation of goods through the city".

Through a Swedish consortium of companies all within emission-free transportation, the project intends to show how the city of San José can practically realize its objective.

The project intends to verify a model for international cooperation between Swedish actors and US cities. The model can then be scaled to several verticals such as buildings, public transport, research collaborations etc. but also to other cities around the USA.

Truck and electical mopeds

 Specifically, the project will:

  • introduce emission-free transportation of goods.

  • reduce the number of large vehicles in the city.

  • create conditions and infrastructure for electric vehicles for both people and goods.

  • create conditions for pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Concretely, the project develops a collaboration between Cake, Volta and the City of San José as well as delivery companies such as Amazon Delivery, UPS, DHL. Within the designated zone (Santee neighborhood) from San Jose, only emission-free means of transport will be allowed to deliver goods.

Cake will drive last-mile delivery with its motorcycles equipped with trailers. A third party will be contracted for the evaluation of how the activities contribute to lowering greenhouse gases and increasing green miles.

Project manager: Eric Asmussen, Cake 0 emission AB

Parties: Cake 0 emission AB, City of San José and Volta Trucks AB

Period: 2023 to 2024

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A Cake electric motorcycle

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Hans Pohl

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Program Director

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Truck and electical mopeds

Carbon free zone for transportation of goods in San José

Through a Swedish consortium of companies all within emission-free transportation, the project intends to show how the city of San José can practically realize becoming a climate-neutral city by the...
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