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An innovative agenda for future collective mobility has been brewing in the Nordics, in a consortium called “Rådslaget”. The work evolved from the challenging situation during the pandemic and points to a new direction and necessary changes to realize the potential of collective mobility to tackle climate challenges. Similar activities have simultaneously been emanating out of the Bay area and spreading across the US led by the ambitions of initiatives like “Seamless Bay” which has helped integrate new forms of mobility.

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With this project expansion, we want to bridge the ongoing transformation work in Sweden and the corresponding development in California. This takes place through several concrete activities for the exchange of experience and relationship building, but also with the ambition of a more long-term collaboration in the work of taking the next step for sustainable mobility of the future. 

The work within the expansion will be carried out in collaboration with the organization Seamless Bay Area in San Francisco (NGO) and the Swedish Transport Administration's government mission for combined mobility. K2/VTI will coordinate the work together with consulting support from the company Zeto AB.

What’s the value for the US and Swedish partners?

Rådslaget and the Nordic transit collaboration agreement will get an external review and new perspectives that support its longevity and usefulness. Since our Californian colleagues are exposed to new forms of (micro)mobility, their experiences will also help future-proof the concepts. 

San Francisco Bay Area leaders are in the midst of implementing a transformation action plan for Bay Area public transit and considering governance and institutional reforms; learning from Sweden’s past experience as well as current efforts to reorient public transit for the post-Covid area could be of significant interest; and may help advance Seamless Bay Area’s goals to build local leaders familiar with international best practices.

Together we believe we can reach new forms of collaboration, during the project, which will be the basis a collaborative approach towards equitable and sustainable mobility.  

How does Future Mobility support the development of the project?

Future Mobility provided a unique funding opportunity. No other source required a concrete value for US parties. This forced us to think beyond our normal boundaries and have a more detailed dialogue with our US colleagues to make sure their needs were also met.

"Future Mobility also supported us in honing the project to meet specifications. We are very excited that Sweden has a resource like Future Mobility and believe that it already has benefited the global mobility system."

Project manager: Elias Arnestrand

Parties: VTI, K2, Zeto ABSeamless Bay Area

Period: December 2022 to July 2023

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