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Towards sustainable mobility

Innovation collaboration between Sweden and the United States

What we offer actors in Sweden

What we offer actors in the United States

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The San Fransisco bridge with the sun setting in the background. Beautiful lighted clouds in yellow gives a hopeful tone to the picture
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Bus drivers through sunny fields
Woman talking to a crowd of people on a stage

Start an innovation collaboration with funding from Future Mobility

Future Mobility aims to contribute to new or strengthened innovation collaborations between Sweden and the United States within sustainable mobility.

We finance strategic projects that boost research and innovation collaboration between the United States and Sweden that create disruptive sustainable mobility solutions.

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US-Sweden collaboration for zero emission trucks

Exchange for more BETs is a Future Mobility-funded project and collaborative effort between Sweden and the United States. The project goal is to have actors in Sweden and the United States share knowledge and learn from each other’s experience with the early development of the zero-emission truck market.
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Future Mobility at Bifrost Summit 2024

In the beginning of March 2024, Nordic and US decision-makers gathered in Silicon Valley to discuss innovation and collaboration at Bifrost Summit 2024. This third annual summit focused on AI and sustainable cities. These topics were discussed in various seminars, workshops and panels involving stakeholders and experts. Future Mobility was a partner to Bifrost Summit, which meant being involved in the making of the program as well as contributing with speakers to two workshops.
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Swedish and US researchers collaborate to advance transport justice

In the pursuit of sustainable mobility and equal access to transportation, researchers are exploring the concept of spatial justice, which seeks to ensure fair distribution and accessibility of resources and services.
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Future Mobility on Bifrost Summit Week

Bifrost is a week-long event, bridging the Nordics and Silicon Valley to spark innovations for environmental sustainability. From March 4-8, 2024, it offers a packed schedule with a major conference, theme-specific sessions, and elite networking, promoting US-Nordic collaboration. The focus for 2024 is on "Innovations for a Sustainable Future."
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Registration is now open for the 2024 US Autotech Program

Now in its 3rd year, the US Autotech Program, a collaboration between Business Sweden, Vinnova, Drive Sweden, and Future Mobility, continues to support Swedish companies in accelerating their US expansion and growth, granting them ongoing access to innovation, partnerships, customers, and policymakers, while promoting industry transformation and sustainability.
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Who we are

Future Mobility catalyzes research and innovation collaboration within sustainable mobility between the US and Sweden. With dedicated resources in both countries, the Future Mobility initiative...
Bus drivers through sunny fields

What we offer actors in the United States

Sweden is very active in the development and use of greener vehicles and fuels. It has a strong public transport system, high sustainability ambitions and is considered among the most innovative...
The San Fransisco bridge with the sun setting in the background. Beautiful lighted clouds in yellow gives a hopeful tone to the picture

What we offer actors in Sweden

Collaboration with the United States can deliver innovations that would not be possible to obtain otherwise. Collaboration with the United States can deliver innovations that would not be possible to...


Innovation projects

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Sweden California CoLab

An innovative agenda for future collective mobility has been brewing in the Nordics, in a consortium called “Rådslaget”. The work evolved from the challenging situation during the pandemic and points...

Transatlantic Cooperation for Leveling Up MaaS

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has been characterized as an innovation aimed at addressing issues related to sustainable mobility by providing an alternative to private car ownership.
Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg Sweden

Transit Oriented Development (TOD), mobility hubs and Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs)

The project aims to decarbonize transport and decrease oil dependence by offering innovative future mobility solutions that work with public transport and enrich the service with first/last mile...

Triggering Regional Accessibility and Networks for Sustainable Intelligent Transportation

This project addresses the challenge of offering and interweaving eco-friendly transportation choices in suburban areas with those in city centers.
parking dynamics

WAlking and PArking Dynamics of Drivers (WAPADD): Analysis and Model Development for Sustainable Urban Delivery

The project addresses the critical but often overlooked aspects of delivery drivers' walking and parking behaviors in urban logistics.

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